Jiwan Kaur offers a variety of Yoga Classes

Sat Nam!
Want to give the gift of Yoga to a loved one?

Jiwan Kaur brings a vibrancy & pure joy to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga

An ancient, sacred science that awakens your utmost potential

Kundalini yoga uses specific techniques for breathing, movement, sound current and meditation to create an authentic union within each of us. The benefits are immediate and measurable, while giving you tools to experience more peace, well being and contentment.

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Discover your inner beauty, power and connect to your highest potential. Increase your strength, flexibility and learn to relax, breathe and meditate with the ancient teachings from the master of Kundalini Yoga. ~Yogi Bhajan

A Symphonic Gong Is Played At The End Of Every Class

The Gong is a unique sound immersion experience

which elevates your vibrations, as well as enliven your whole being, align you with your highest expression of truth and purity of heart. Discover the power of the Gong as its sound currents clear away energetic blocks, emotional and psychic debris. You will emerge refreshed and renewed. The vibrations of the sound current can be felt throughout the body, and even continue to reverberate long after the Gong falls silent.

Laugh, because that is your purpose in life. Love, because that is what you came here for. Shine, because that is important. ~Yogi Bhajan.