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Baby Blessings

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Jiwan welcomes in the essence of the baby that has chosen his or her sacred family, honoring the parents with support, love, and ceremonial rituals. At 120 days a ceremony may be held to welcome in the soul of the baby or any time after. Jiwan has done many baby blessings after the baby has been born as well as at their 1st year marking the magical day with a celebration. Each blessing is designed along with the parents so each one is unique and original. Please call Jiwan directly to discuss planning this amazing special blessing.

“We had a vision when we got our son blessed and Jiwan exceeded our expectations. It was the most beautiful ceremony and exactly what we wanted. We had it at our house in our backyard so all the positive love and energy remained in our home. I decided to add a few things last minute and Jiwan worked with me perfectly. It was so expressive and emotional for everyone that was there. Thank you so much for making our family’s day so special and full of love”

Love, Janet, Rohan, & Keenan

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