Whether you are just moving in or have been in your home for many years , a house blessings is a beautiful way to welcome in new light and new energy. Jiwan’s spiritual rituals open your heart and home to a new found peace and bliss. The healing symphonic GONG clears away any heavy energy ,leaving a renewed clear light vibration which resounds with in your home long after the ceremony ends. Each ceremony is unique!

Jiwan spends time with you to design each aspect of YOUR house blessing creating the peaceful sacred space you call YOUR HOME.


“I’d been praying for my “own” home my entire adult life and never had the means to purchase one. Always rented. When, at the age of 54, I finally bought and moved into my first home ever – it was perfect for “me”. I also knew that whomever came to my home would be blessed by their visit. They would feel the peace, joy and love within. So to have you come to bless it and have you meditate with me with song, sound and sage, and have it vibrate within every nook and cranny meant so much to me and sealed my home with a kiss. Thank you!!!”