Take this special time of change to be with your growing baby in a safe and nurturing class. Strengthening postures (safe for all trimesters) & breathing techniques are taught to help you relax during labor & birth.Guided meditation and special time for relaxation are all part of this unique class.

Jiwan Kaur is a trained & certified Prenatal Kundalini Yoga teacher.



Amazing Births & Beyond

17184 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

(786) 955-6560


Jiwan creates an environment of empowerment and joyful expectancy for the Mothers-to-be. Her energy is so positive and loving and she has so much wisdom to share! This class was the absolute best thing I did for myself and my baby during my prenatal days! Bonnie E

I just wanted to say thank you for your class that truly gave me tools and an inner strength to trust my body and find that inner peace. I truly felt so connected to God and all mothers. It was truly a beatiful gift from above to find your class and be blessed with my beautiful birth and baby! I hope your class continues to bring peace and harmony to all mothers and babies. 🙂 – Sat Nam, Yvonne T

Oh Jiwan! you taught me how to find the peace in my soul. Your soothing energy,voice and tea. You strengthened the connection I felt to my baby with your faith in me. Thank you for all your knowledge…your deep understanding of the pregnant woman. I believe that finding your yoga class is what helped me through my natural birth.  ~ Peace and Love Robin

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